About Us

Defined by Dedication and Experience

  As a former pet parent of a dog with severe behavioral and medical challenges, Liz Cooney, owner and operator of Rainbow Pet Sitter, understands firsthand how difficult it is to find adequate, specialized care. This void motivated Liz to ultimately start Rainbow Pet Sitter.

 Liz’s compassion for animals and their family paired with her background in animal behavior and rehabilitation makes Rainbow Pet Sitter one-of-a-kind in consistent care for dogs and cats requiring special attention. Her two decades spent caring for animals include rehabilitating dogs with serious behavioral challenges, administering both common and unique medical treatments to a variety of animals, and formal education and training in animal care.  

Liz’s clientele is as diverse as the animals she cares for--from celebrities and art dealers, to college students and everyone in between. She understands the risk her clients take by allowing Rainbow Pet Sitter access to their homes and trusting us with their furry family members. We ensure complete confidentiality, which is ensured in our service agreement. 

 When specialized care is needed, Rainbow Pet Sitter will work diligently to deliver top-notch, no matter the challenge. Schedule a consultation with Rainbow Pet Sitter now to find the exceptional care you and your animals deserve.      

   Like many children, Liz loved animals of all shapes and sizes. Unlike most children, however, she showed a natural ability to gain the trust of animals she came across. This ability fueled her passion for animals, leading her to a bachelor’s degree in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy from Prescott College and a life-long passion for studying the therapeutic relationship between people and animals.

 After college, Liz spent two years managing Circle L, a start-up rescue ranch in rural Arizona, which grew to house over 200 animals, including goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, cows, chickens, turkeys, dogs, and Fred, the resident peacock. Freeing a horse tangled in barbed wire and vaccinating 75 goats are just some of the challenges Liz overcame at the ranch. She’ll never forget the sheep that suddenly seized up and fell over, causing Liz to attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!   

 Liz left the rescue ranch in Arizona to run therapeutic horse programs at Hole in the Wall Camps , a nonprofit founded by Paul Newman for kids coping with terminal and chronic illnesses. These programs provided campers with fun-filled summer camp experiences with horses. This experience only reinforced her desire for a career focusing on human-animal relationships.        

After several years at the Hole in the Wall camps, Liz moved to San Francisco for a brief yet important stint as general manager at a dog hotel. After caring for its many anxious, stressed, and uncomfortable dogs, she learned the value of in-home pet care, inspiring Liz to gain experience in the in-home pet care industry. She spent the next five years as a professional dog walker and pet sitter, where she managed over 40 clients.  

Her successful work with behaviorally challenged dogs led Liz to pursue a career in Portland, Oregon, where she developed a canine rehabilitation and resocialization program located at a veterinary clinic. As lead canine behaviorist, her programs served dogs with aggressive tendencies and struggles with overcoming socialization challenges due to new physical realities of blindness, seizure disorders, or other physical limitations.  

After three rewarding years at the clinic, Liz decided to return to New York to be closer to family and finally create her dream of operating her own animal care business, Rainbow Pet Sitter.