Discounts & Rewards

         What sets Rainbow Pet Sitter apart from other services is the attention and care Liz puts into building strong relationships with her clients, both furry and human. Regular clients are treated with the same level of care and respect as if they were a family member.  As a sign of appreciation, Liz tries to provide her clients with bonus services and discounts. Here are just a few examples of complimentary services you and your pet can expect as Liz’s client.  

Queer Folks and Allies

         Rainbow Pet Sitter offers a 10% discount off the full price of the first booking for members and allies of the LGBTQ community.    

Complimentary Key Service


         Did you lose your keys? Did they fall down an elevator shaft? Or perhaps you just had a late night with the added misfortune of misplacing your keys. Liz will do her best to let you into your home in a timely manner. While she cannot fully guarantee this service, she does everything in her power to ensure you get into your home safely. Yes, even if it’s three in the morning! *This service requires your keys to be on file.      

Fridge Stocking/ Return Meal Service 

         That’s right—Liz will pick up your groceries or take out from your favorite restaurant so you don’t have to return from your trip to an empty fridge. *Clients are responsible for cost of food only.       

Referral Rewards 

         When a referral books their first service with us, you get $10 cash or credit towards future services. Get $10 cash or credit when you write a review for Yelp, Thumbtack, Nextdoor, or write one for us to post on our website.